Mobile Windscreens Centurion is a well-established auto glass installation company since 2002 and part of Glasfit Accredited agent.

We’ve grown into an outlet with a broad base of satisfied clients including the Land Rover Group SMH Group, SuperGroup ,CMH Group , Autohaus and Lazarus.

Mobile Windscreens is your service provider of choice for the replacement
of your windscreen, fixing your chip or replacing glass at home or office.

Mobile Windscreens is setting a new service standard nationwide by providing our clients with a convenient, seamless, and fully mobile onsite
service that is underpinned by the latest tech.

Certified With The South African Bereau of Standards (SABS)

BEE Compliant Entity Level 4 Contributor

“There is NO safer windscreen than a Mobile Windscreens windscreen”

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