Yes, one year warranty.

We process insurance claims on your behalf.

Yes we offer a better discount structure to insurance companies, meaning you pay less than usual on claims.

What is ADAS? If your vehicle has ADAS safety features, it’s crucial for a re-calibration to be performed when your windscreen is replaced.

ADAS includes a wide range of safety features for vehicles, such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW), lane assist, night vision cameras and adaptive lighting.

By 2021, it is predicted that more than 40% of all new vehicles will have at least two types of driver assistance systems fitted as standard, so the need for ADAS camera calibration will continue to grow.

Most ADAS features rely on windscreen-mounted cameras in order to operate effectively.

So if a windscreen needs replacing, these cameras
may have to be calibrated to ensure the safety systems continue to work as intended.

Mobile Windscreens will ensure that once we have replace your windscreen that the ADAS is in working order.

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