Mobile Windscreens and its Accredited Dealers are able to offer the following services to the insurance industry, their broker clients and automobile owners:

Windscreen Replacement

High quality windshield, side and rear glass replacement work. Done carefully and efficiently by our trained and experienced repairmen on the clients premises.

Windscreen Chip Repair

A Windscreen Chip Repair, carried out by our properly trained and experienced repairman, renders the windscreen as safe as if it were replaced with a new windscreen.

Quality Auto Glass

Mobile Windscreens sources glass brands that are both locally and
internationally manufactured.

Mobile Windscreens is passionate about delivering service and products which exceed your expectations.

Our products, whether locally sourced or imported, are of the best quality, meeting all South African and international safety standards. They are also approved by the South African insurance industry.

Our products carry the following safety standard ratings:

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